24/7 fishing in Lake Bin el Ouidane, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Experience the Atlas Mountains and the beautiful Lake Bin el Ouidane from sunrise to sunset where you can catch carp (lake record: 33.4 kg), black bass or zander.
Morocco Carp hold the license for day/night fishing in the lake.

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A paradise hidden in the Atlas Mountains

Bin el Ouidane hotel is nestled in a fold in the Middle Atlas Mountains, offering spectacular views of Lake Bin el Ouidane. If you want a little piece of paradise to relax or the perfect base camp for sports or adventures, the warmest welcome is assured.

Hotel Bin el Ouidane

Since opening in 2006 the Hotel Bin el Ouidane has become a haven for those seeking peace and quiet. The hotel offers 29 suites with bathrooms in Moroccan style wet rooms, air conditioning, terraces, WiFi, gardens, BBQ's, stunning views, Berber lounge and a swimming pool.

Fancy some holiday/excursions while you are here?

The hotel Bin el Ouidane offers more than 40 excursions/activities in this area ranging from rafting, kayaking to excursions such as the Ouzoud waterfalls or why not the Sahara desert?

Cascades d'Ouzoud

The amazing waterfalls of Ouzoud are located only 45 minutes away. This is a day excursion not to miss out. Enjoy the video!

Ahansal river

Rent a boat and experience this amazing place. Or take a ride with Happy Boat. Make sure you bring your camera with you. :-)

Happy Boat

Explore the lake and the river Ahansal. Drink tea with a local Berber family and have lunch on Aganbou island! Our most popular excursion!

Imi n’Ifri

The spectacular Imi n’Ifri natural bridge (50 meters high) is made of limestone. NB! Don't miss out: 5 kms from the bridge dinosaur footsteps are imprinted in the rock. 

Morocco Carp

Morocco Carp / Lake Bin el Ouidane / Azilal Province / MOROCCO
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Lake Bin el Ouidane - a mecca for carp fishermen!