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APRIL- the month where BEO transforms from its usual glorious deep, rich clay reds, to the fresh tones of greens and yellows, typical colours of spring in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains!

Quite likely the most picturesque month to be present on BEO, the valleys surrounding the lake are presently alive with lush green meadows and beautiful beds of yellow flora sweeping down the slopes of the lake, to the shores of BEO.

It's an absolute delight to be present on the mighty BEO in spring, and for many that made it out this month, they have already booked their return for next Spring.

Never have we seen the region looking so stunning and green. As the rains continued from March into much of April the lake has continued to rise in water levels.
Both the main rivers feeding BEO are still flowing with force, and on some days we are experiencing a rise of upto a 1m !

Life feels good on BEO and the surrounding farms and their farmers and locals alike, are all in good spirits after the many months of rain coming to their rescue..

Fishing BEO in April is as special as it gets, the carp really begin to creep out from the winter depths and move into the warm shallower grassy bays in preparation to spawn.

As the carp gather in these areas, many guys fishing this month have experience some massive hits of fish, 2 separate guys recently catching well over 50 fish each in a week!.

It's clear as to why April has long been a favourite month for many long standing BEO regulars, it's a month that sees BEO in all it's glory!

The fauna/flora spring to life, and the fishing can be hectic, with not only large numbers of fish being caught but some very big fish aswell! It's a magical time to be sat on the lake...

I'll let the wonderful photos from this month do the talking, this is what BEO is all about, breathtaking surroundings, beautiful wild carp and a true adventure to be shared with friends!

It's hard to get a precise number as some choose to keep their results to themselves, however over 400 fish have been recorded this month, a great result to all those who fished hard.

The weather has been largely unsettled, so with a long spell of hot, sunny weather due very soon, we expect equal numbers of fish In May if not more.

Bookings for Spring 2019 have just reopened! To many of you, who quickly got their trips booked up for next spring, we look forward to catching up with you!

There is some availability left still, for a few weeks in spring 2019 so please drop us a message asap if you wish to reserve any dates.

To increase the overall quality of the BEO experience, spaces/camps have been halved for next season. Availability is now hugely limited, however from a fishing perspective we are over the moon, pioneer carping at its best on the most unique and wild carp lake you'll find!

May is as good as April, and I can't wait to see what comes along this month.

Thanks as ever to all those who share their trophy shots and results, and thanks to the team out on the lake working hard to keep everyone in comfort.

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Terry Seymour

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