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Gareth Bowen

Gareth Bowen

I arrived Monday am and as before Josef was there to collect me, we made the journey to the lake via lunch on the way where we stopped at a local cafe... always good to sample the local cuisine when in such trips! 

On my arrival Salah was waiting and set my in Twin Waddies.... the weather was very windy and there was also rain in the air which was the theme for the week... 

I found some spots and various depths and put the markers out and put the rods out with hi viz snowman rigs on all over some maize and the also the Atlas Boilies.. When I got back the the bank the markers were hardly visible at all, due to the surface chop and the next day I changed these for the 2l water bottles with hi viz on them... even these were hard to see in the wind! 

I varied the depths over the week, and 8-9meters seems to the the best depth.. all fish were caught between 5am and 2pm, and I know the whole lake was fishing the same with nothing caught at night.

At times the action was mad, with the short feeding spells and I really struggled to get the baits back out during the windy periods from 10am- 7pm ish. 

I only photoed a few of the fish as I wanted to get the rods back out as soon as I had a run, but I still photoed the 30s and a few of the 20s however I did try to get lots of pictures of the wildlife of which I will put more up over next few days. 

I used Jamie Peters EURO XT hooks and hookbaits from the Abait Jason Rider.. very simple rigs 15lb mono and a 12ft 30lb Fluoro leader.

Big shouts to Sam Jefferys who as always helped me every step of the way... Salah Eddine Le Carpiste was amazing on site, he alway seemed to turn up when I was in need of an extra pair of hands.. Hamid Ouallam II was the perfect host and again thanks for some great pictures 

I ended up with 14/15 carp (I lost track) and one tench ... inc 3 30s upto 35lb... the big ones escape me again along with the mirrors, but for me it's about learning and just being a pet of this amazing country, community and lake! 

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