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Lake News

Lake News

After experiencing 2 years of drought and seeing the lake fall to a record low level (17%) we were very happy when last winter gave us extreme precipitation making the levels come back up very fast. The fishing was affected from this turbulence and after a normal summer and the usual September rain showers we can now breathe out. At this moment in time the level is steady and we expect it to start coming up.... more rain is forecasted. :-) 

‚ÄčThe government every now and then stock carp in BEO and in May this year they put in 800.000 fry. This has happened 2 times before between now and 1994. We didn't know how many of the fry would survive but can now conclude that it must have been successful because we see anglers catching quite a few of them. These tiny babies have managed to already gain close to a kilo in some cases.

Weather is sunny with afternoon showers. 28 day/15 night. Anglers are presently doing well in Basecamp Bay and Kwints. For more information please follow our Club page:

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