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Neil Pretorius

Neil Pretorius

I am not sure if the reality of what happened has sunk in yet. Fishing Lake BEO has been a dream of mine that finally came true on 27 April this year when I boarded a plane to Morocco.

Flying form South Africa and being the first person visiting from SA, this was an unknown trip with some hiccups along the way.

Firstly, I had the security at Doha Airport in Qatar accuse me of smuggling gold at 01:00 in the morning after a 9-hour flight. After an hour of convincing them that these are in fact 6oz Gripper leads I was on my way to my next flight to Casablanca in Morocco.

Arriving in Casablanca at around 08:00 the morning I thought it will be smooth sailing from here, which it wasn't – Security again. Inspecting the local boilies, made by Jaco Jacobs and called the Conche, that I brought in from SA one by one for any threats. I am not angry at any one for this as one can understand this with all the attacks going one and it is part of the experience.

By the time I was picked up by the Moroccan Carp driver I was proper tired – 21 hours into the trip with little to no sleep due to the excitement of fulfilling this almost childhood dream of mine. The drive to the lake was amazing saw a lot of many things and I was amazed. Truly enjoyed every moment of it and the 3-hour drive went by in what felt like seconds. Finally, as we went over a hill I got my first look at the Lake and now I was pumping. Fatigue was something of the past and I was ready to start this adventure.

At the Hotel, I met the Moroccan Carp team members including the one they call Grant. What a guy. He got the van Cruiser packed and Mike dropped us off at the dam. Quickly transferred the baggage to the barge and away we went to meet up with the guy who got me to this point - A top man called Sam. Sam is excellent at what he does and he looks after you so well. I would like to extend my gratitude to him for all he has done for me on this trip. He went the extra mile and I would be forever grateful to him for this.

Met up with Sam and had a quick chat about what was happening on the swim. While I was unpacking and Sam was packing up his one rod flew off and he landed the biggest common that I have seen in my life. This fish would have smashed my PB easily and this happened right in front of my eyes while unpacking. I think it is safe to say that I was overflowing with the excitement and just wanted to get the rods out. 

Shortly after that said bye to the guys as Sam was heading back to the UK the next day and Grant had to take him back to base. Got the rods in at around 16:30 and decided it's time for a well derived nap after a good 30-hour hustle.

I fished two rods on in 10m water on a spot heavily baited with maize and boilies. My third rod I did what I always would do and fished in close in with a single hookbait and some freebies of the Conche boilies.

Friday morning at 04:00 one of the rods in the 10m water screamed off and I was into my first Moroccan carp - CUT OFF!!!! On something and I was gutted. Only fishing three days it can go any way and I can't afford to miss opportunities. Back to the tent to lick my wounds, I dosed off and the margin rod took off – I AM IN. After a hefty brawl in the deep waters I had the biggest common I have ever seen in the net. A definite new PB for me. 

What a feeling. This is what I had come for. JOB DONE! Redid the rods and had a nice cup of coffee looking out on the lake and the mountains – This is truly what dreams are made off.

During the day, the fishing was quiet and I had one bite from the baited spot at around 11:00 with the margin rod not doing any bites during the afternoon, but this is what I expected. Surprise, surprise! At 15:30 the margin rod was off. Never have I been so happy about being wrong. Thought the margin rod would do bites during the early morning hours and almost moved it during the day – luckily I didn't. After another proper fight, I had a new PB mirror in the net. Till today I am not sure if I believe that this happened. Two PBs – a common and a mirror in 24 hours. I was ready to go home. 

During the next two days, the fishing died. It was raining and the weather was very funny. Managed two more commons form the margins of Lake BEO. 

What can I say, the trip was off to a rough start, but things came right at the end and that makes this one of the best experiences of my life. The people at the lake are amazing and look after you throughout your stay. Guides will bring you some fresh food every day and keep the cooler box stocked.

I would like to thank Sam for all he did for me, got him to thank for the success of my trip. To Grant and Salah for getting me set up and making sure I am fed. The Moroccan Carp team has an amazing thing going on here and looks after their guest very well. Top Top Top business. Will strongly recommend this to any angler that enjoys a wild session looking for some very big fish – or as Sam calls them Big Mammas!

Any guys in SA that would like to visit Moroccan Carp and need more info pop me a message. I am happy to help.

Thank you once again. It was truly an amazing trip. See you in 2018!!!!


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